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28-Day Kettlebell Challenge

What is the 28-Day Kettlebell Challenge?

A 4-Week kettlebell Strength and cardio program that will consist of the same 4 movements in a circuit style that will be assigned on designated days. (a circuit consists of a series of exercises performed one right after the other with little or no rest in between.)

Who is this for?

Anyone who love kettlebells and would love to get a quick workout in. A lot of people are returning back to work and don’t have time to attend workout classes. This is an efficient way to burn calories and stay consistent.

What does the challenge entail?

*A PDF of the calendar you have of what to expect for the upcoming 28 days.

*Exclusive access to video demonstrations on each exercise with multiple variations.

*Access to the 28-Day KB Challenge live community discussion board. This will be a space to share your progress and to commune with other participants that makes the workouts even more dynamic and fun.

How many bells are required?

1 or 2 of the same size bells.

HINT: Follow the order of the colors each day.

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